Rattan Rainbow

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Designed exclusively by Chelsea at Baby Jones Designs in Brisbane, these original rattan rainbow pieces are made from naturally renewable palm, and are extremely durable.
These handmade pieces are super lightweight and flexible which is how they’ve been able to achieve these four magnificent rainbow curves! 
They are bound in all meeting points to strengthen and hold its shape. There is a triangular hook on the back for hanging on the wall (and can easily be removed if you require to do so). 
Why a rainbow? Rainbows are known as a symbol of hope, a symbol of peace and serenity - hence the sayings like ‘Rainbow Baby’, ‘There would be no rainbows without both sunshine and rain’, and ‘Rainbows apologise for angry skies’.
SIZE: Rainbows are approximately 33cm wide, by 31cm high. Please note this dimensions will be slightly different on every rainbow! 
There rainbows are the perfect piece for your home, your nursery, kids room, to celebrate your rainbow or simply for a good old rainbow lover!

IMPORTANT: Any styled items in images are NOT included. 

WARNING: THIS IS A DECOR ITEM, NOT A TOY. Not suitable for children under 3 years. This item is not a toy and is intended to be used by adults and as a decor item. 

Note - As each item is individually handmade, the texture and shape of each curve will vary from each product, and the rainbows pictured. Each is an individual piece and has its own knots, grooves and features which makes them unique. There are naturally dark and black parts on the rattan pieces and on the cane ribbon. This is a natural feature of the materials used.